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Dear Human Relations Directors and Executives,

How can I make your job easier?

What if you could:

  • Decrease absenteeism

  • Increase productivity

  • Make your workplace more harmonious

  • Provide your employees with skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives

  • Increase employee loyalty

I offer workplace wellness consultations and programs with San Francisco’s finest companies.  I am available to work in groups or individually with employees of your company, drawing from the following menu of expertise:

  • Transform stress into productivity

  • Easily create mental focus and clarity

  • Nourish the whole body

  • Office Yoga

Picture this:

Your programmer Bob sits at his desk looking through the code in front of him.  He is distracted by recurring thoughts about his ex-girlfriend. He is also distraught with fears about the economy, and wonders whether he should look for a different job.He eats a candy bar for lunch, and later that afternoon barely catches his head as it repeatedly nods down in narcoleptic-like slumber.  He has an approaching deadline, and he stresses more and more intensely over it, snapping at the other members of his team.

His body becomes overloaded, he suffers an anxiety attack, and is out of work for a week on sick leave.  His blood pressure is out of control.  You feel reluctant to talk with him about his recent performance out of a fear of killing him.  Not only is his job draining to him, he is draining the resources of your workplace community by not performing well and being a stormy, tightly-wound sourpuss.

How productive is Bob?

Now picture this:

Your programmer Bob sits at his desk creatively and expertly debugging the code in front of him.  He is focused and present.  When he notices his thoughts drifting he is able to quickly and effectively re-center himself.  He easily identifies what kinds of foods he needs, eats a nutritious lunch, and feels energized, well-fueled, and ready for whatever the afternoon brings.  He has an approaching deadline, and is able to clearly communicate within himself and with his team about next steps.  He feels healthy, and co-workers experience him as balanced, capable, and good to be around.

How productive is Bob?

What would you choose for your workplace community, for you, and for Bob?

Corporate consulting fees vary depending on the specific needs and size of each organization.

Please contact me to schedule your free goal setting consultation.

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