Dr. Aymee Coget“I have had several individual yoga lessons with Marna and my body has really transformed! She starts our sessions with a Reiki healing which gives her insight into what my body needs that day. I have triple scoliosis and need special attention so she gently assists me in achieving a healthy balance in my postures. She has focused on heart opening and hip opening with me and it has led to a decrease in back pain and structural improvements in my body. Thanks Marna!!”

Dr. Aymee Coget,
CEO American Happiness Association



  “I have been to six doctors over the past ten years, in Scotland and in America.  Physical therapists and so on. They’d give me exercises that were supposed to make the pain go away, but didn’t.   
   A few times at work, I’d be standing there and my hip would suddenly stop working! It was awful pain, my leg would fall out from underneath me, and I’d have to catch myself on a table.
   So now, it’s just amazing. Because every once in a while I realize, “Wow, I can do this!  It doesn’t hurt!”
  And it’s really just awesome. Thank you so much.  I can’t thank you enough! I wish I had a better command of the English language to be able to thank you better! Thank you. A lot. You‘ve given me more than words can say."

Kiara Ferakin,



Adam Gilad"Marna has a unique and startling ability to discover the kinks and blocks in your body that indicate kinks and blocks in your mind.  By working with body movement through yoga and other modalities, and with her gentle and loving guidance and insights, she will soothe you, loosen you, relax you and give you an understanding of your body's potential -- as well as you inner potential, once your body is relaxed enough to let it through. Work with her!"

Adam Gilad,